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Electric Vehicles – Golf Cars Oman

First International began its operations in 2002 within the United Arab Emirates and is the popular choice for electric vehicles in the Middle East and the GCC, today. Our innovative designs make our golf carts the best option for a golfer.
Representing some of the biggest brands, like Taylor-Dunn, Columbia and E1-Car, we help facilitate every single aspect of these electric vehicles and this gives us the opportunity to develop long lasting relationships with all our customers.

Electric Golf Carts and Cars for Sale

Feel free to peek at First International, as we are the market leader of electric vehicles and famous for electric golf carts for sale. We build strong customer relations and provide the best after sales service. Quality is what built the First International a big name in the market.

After all, these golf carts and electric vehicles are not just for the green fields only. At First International, we have many different types of golf cars for sale. We invite you to look around our site and choose the best vehicle as per your choice. The selection is impressive and the prices are compatible.

With many years of sales and service, we pride knowing just what our valued customers want out of our product range. Therefore, if you are all set to take on your next project then why not pay us a visit so we can offer you a steadfast vehicle at best price. We have the finest range of golf cars for sale hence you can conveniently choose the newest model of Taylor-Dunn, Columbia, and E1-Cars at our showroom in Oman.

The wide range of electric golf cars, club cars, and golf carts has made us the major provider of high quality electric vehicles in Oman. We are capable of meeting the needs of all kinds of businesses that wish to utilize these electrical vehicles. Moreover, we offer customized vehicles upon request.

Our showrooms, warehouses, and workshops are equipped with latest machines and fabrication techniques. Our experienced Sales, Engineering, Mechanics, & Customer Care Representatives help us provide excellent services and quality maintenance to ensure optimum performance of our products. This professional commitment makes us the most preferred electric vehicles provider in Oman.

Our modern golf carts are useful on the farms, around a warehouse, ideal for campgrounds and picnic resorts. So why not make your life easier and get around easily when you need quick and efficient transportation.