Columbia Par Car – Golf, Commercial and Industrial Vehicles

Columbia Par Car has a rich history of producing electric vehicles that date back to 1946, making it the most experienced manufacturer in this field. Driven to work, Columbia Par Car electric vehicles are tough enough for expansive job sites, rugged terrain and extreme conditions, yet gentle on grassy golf courses.

Columbia Par car owns and operates small vehicle manufacturing activities formerly operated by well-known companies like Harley Davidson®, and Westinghouse Electric Corporation® and offer a pure electric working solution to help with transportation.

Latest research indicates that the commercial and industrial vehicles occupy more than 60% of the electric vehicles market. Moreover, these figures are expending and expected to continue in the coming years.

Columbia Par Car golf cart offers so many advantages over old-fashioned traditional golf vehicles. Columbia Par Car electric vehicles cop better and give outstanding control over drive and control. Golfer can use these vehicles for reaching the golf courses or pickup and carry heavy loads from different corners.

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