E1-Car – Golf, Commercial and Utility Vehicles

Established in 2004 with a capacity of 2000 units per month, E1-Car has been researching and developing unique electric vehicles in accordance with international technical standards.

With the capability to meet various demands and provide custom-made configurations, color and style, E1-Car takes into consideration customer feedback and develops new products and ideas that create special PP automobile materials with an individual operating system and independent suspension system.

Club Cars and Golf Cars

In addition, due to its unique style and the importance given to quality, maintenance and after-sale support, today, E1 <>strong>club cars have grown in popularity both in Oman and across the gulf region.

Golf cars for sale

First International is the ideal platform for high quality golf cars for sale and after sale service. We are authorized dealers for E1-Car and other famous electric golf vehicles in Oman. Moreover, we offer a range of quality cars and electric golf carts for sale in UAE.

Whether you are looking for a commercial solution or need a golf cart for your golf resort, let us help you to find the best suitable option that does not collide with your budget. We are proud dealer of E-1, club cars, golf cars, and electric vehicles, which are ideally suitable for large events, golf courses, resorts, and private parties.

Our lineup includes the best commercial and industrial golf cart designs and eco-friendly golf cars. We offer complete range of genuine parts and accessories to assist you personalize your golf car as per your aspirations. Hence, you can customize your vehicle for all purposes. We humbly invite you to schedule time and visit our showroom to find the best and affordable club cars carts for sale.