Taylor-Dunn – Commercial & Industrial Vehicles

From the day Taylor-Dunn shipped the first vehicle in 1949, the company has always pursued one main goal: to build tough, rugged, dependable electric vehicles to move personnel, equipment, and materials.

Taylor-Dunn’s guiding principle is to provide application-specific solutions, that are reliable, efficient & economical and for over sixty years, Taylor-Dunn has been designing and manufacturing high quality industrial and commercial electric vehicles and offering customization to meet client specifications.

One of the best commercial vehicles in the world, the best golf cart brand is also famous for its commercial vehicles that move heavy gear and people from one corner to another. Its electric vehicles are ideal for both commercial and personal use.

In comparison with any other golf cart, Taylor-Dunn commercial vehicles are silent and give a smooth drive. Hence, an ideal road companion for outdoors and golf courses.

Electric Carts

First International provides standard and custom Taylor-Dunn electric carts for sale. Our wide range of custom vehicles includes burden carriers, electric carts, personnel carriers, tow tractors & much more. We take pride in providing the leading solution for our customers in a broad range of industrial, commercial, and ground-support markets.

We display the largest number of electric carts in Oman. We discern the gulf market and provide the best products and services to accommodate our loyal customers.
Our huge product line of commercial and industrial electric carts includes all kinds of heave, lightweight electric vehicles, and golf carts for the gulf market.